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Feature Description Status
UX Reports A UX progress report is a comprehensive document created by the UX design team to update stakeholders—such as project managers, executives, and clients—on the status of a UX design project. Complete
User management User management in Purple Circles involves handling user authentication, authorization, and account maintenance to ensure secure and personalized access. Complete
Dashboard The dashboard displays the number of seats purchased, workspaces, projects, reports, help videos, and favorites enhances organizational efficiency and user experience by providing a comprehensive overview for better resource management, easy access to essential tools, and personalized support to optimize workflow and satisfaction. Complete
Invite to company As the owner, you can add team members to Purple Circles and send them a link to join. Complete
Invite to workspace As the owner, coach, or player you can invite any team members with a Purple Circles account to any workspace. Team members apart of a workspace can see all projects and reports. Complete
Sharable report link Sharable links to UX design reports provide valuable real-time access for stakeholders, enhancing collaboration, streamlining feedback, and improving decision-making in a secure and transparent manner. Complete
Light and dark mode Purple Circles light and dark modes enhance user comfort and application engagement by offering visual comfort in various lighting conditions, reducing eye strain, conserving battery life, improving accessibility, and catering to personal preferences. Complete
Rewrite content with AI Purple Circles allows you the ability to rewrite content with AI. Rewriting content with AI boosts efficiency, ensures consistency, and enhances creativity by quickly generating multiple text versions, maintaining a uniform brand voice, and introducing fresh perspectives to engage audiences more effectively. Complete
Create project Creating a project within a workspace not only keeps your reports organized but also allows you to manage the status of each project, which will be displayed on your beautifully generated UX report. Complete
Multi company management Multi-company management allows users to be invited and collaborate across multiple companies using the same email signup, streamlining communications and enhancing operational flexibility. Complete
Project archiving Project archiving preserves historical data for future reference and annual reviews, aiding organizational clarity and focus, while deleting projects permanently clears workspace clutter and helps maintain focus on current initiatives. Complete
UX notes Writing daily UX notes enhances documentation, aids in identifying usability issues, refines design strategies through continuous reflection, and serves as a valuable knowledge base for future projects, promoting a disciplined and methodical approach to design challenges. In progress
Project Kanban board A Project Kanban board adds significant value to a UX project by enhancing task visibility, streamlining workflow management, and fostering collaboration through a visual tool that allows teams to track progress, identify bottlenecks, and align efforts efficiently in real time. In progress
Design Change Log A Design Change Log adds significant value to a UX project by documenting all design modifications, enhancing traceability and accountability, preventing redundant work, ensuring consistency, facilitating transitions between phases or team members, and supporting informed decision-making during stakeholder reviews. In progress
AI design analysis An AI UX design analysis tool greatly assists designers by offering automated, data-driven insights to quickly identify usability issues, suggest improvements, predict user behavior, and streamline iterative processes, enabling more focused creative solutions and effective, user-centered designs. In progress
AI User Testing with Voice AI User Testing with Voice provides significant value to UX designers by simulating realistic interactions, offering immediate feedback on verbal user interactions, and providing insights into user needs and frustrations, which is crucial for optimizing voice interfaces and enhancing the overall user experience. Future