Transform Your UX Design Process with All-in-One Project Management and reporting

Seamlessly manage your design projects with Kanban boards, UX notes, Design Change logs, UX reports, and AI-driven insights—all in one platform.

Current Problem

The UX design landscape is multifaceted and intricate, presenting unique challenges in terms of process transparency and communication. Often, stakeholders are not fully abreast of the nuances of design workflows, leading to a significant transparency gap. While tools like Jira effectively track development progress, they fall short in catering to the specific needs of design teams who require a more tailored approach for conveying their project status. Purple Circles stands as the first of its kind, providing a solution specifically geared towards the nuanced demands of UX design teams.

Streamlined Project Management

Keep your team organized and projects on track.

Our Kanban boards make it easy to visualize tasks, set priorities, and manage deadlines, ensuring nothing is overlooked. This streamlined approach enhances productivity and reduces the chaos of managing multiple design projects.

Effortless Reporting with AI Assistance

Save time and enhance report quality.

The AI-powered UX reporting tool assists in generating detailed and comprehensive reports, making it simple to keep all stakeholders informed. This feature ensures that your reports are not only thorough but also easy to understand, fostering better communication and decision-making.

Smart Decisions

Make smarter, data-driven design decisions with AI.

AI-driven insights analyze project data to offer valuable feedback and highlight areas for improvement. This helps your team create more effective designs and continuously improve your UX process based on concrete data.

More Benefits

How Purple Circles Transforms Your Workflow

Enhanced Communication & Collaboration

Benefit: Improve team communication and stakeholder alignment.
Detailed UX notes and Design Change logs provide a clear record of all projects. This ensures everyone is on the same page and can contribute effectively.

Increased Transparency

Foster trust and transparency with stakeholders.

Share easily understandable, visually compelling UX reports that keep everyone informed and engaged throughout the design process. This transparency builds trust and ensures that stakeholders are always up to date with project progress.

Improved Efficiency

Optimize your workflow and save time.

By integrating all project management tools in one platform, Purple Circles reduces the need for multiple tools, streamlining your workflow and boosting productivity. This efficiency allows your team to focus more on creative tasks rather than administrative work.

Purple Circles - Aligning UX Teams and Stakeholders with Clear UX Reports | Product Hunt